Child Hosting Program

Our summer 2006 host program was a HUGE success!! Thank you to all the families that participated.

We are now planning our 2008 summer host program!

Families wanting to participate in our summer program should contact our office asap as we have a limited number of children we can bring over this summer. We are currently working with our coordinators to identify children for our next host group. We will post information on our site as soon as we know which children will be available to host.

Program FAQ

Who are the children that will be coming?
We will have children available from two separate orphanages.

What requirements must I fulfill in order to host?
You must pass an FBI Clearance and Child Abuse check and you must have an application on file.
Please Note: There may be specific requirements in your state such as being a licensed foster home or having a completed homestudy for you to be a host family.

I am single but would like to host a child. Can I?
Yes! The children will be here to learn about the United States and American culture. As long as you can provide appropriate cultural learning opportunities for a child, you can host an orphan.

How long is the program?
Our target for summer 2008 is for two to three weeks in August. We won’t know exact dates until we buy the airline tickets.

We will be having escorts accompany the children from their home country to the USA. Families will need to meet their child at the airport of entry. (JFK in New York) Host families are responsible for the travel expenses incurred for the trip to and from their home and the children's point of entry in the USA.

How much will it cost to host a child?
We are seeking out grants to alleviate the cost of this program. It is our best guess that it will be approximately $4,000 per child. It is possible to host more than one child if you choose. We have seen airfare costs go way up and we also have to pay for the expenses of escorts to come with the children.

I would love to host a child, but simply can’t! How can I help?
Monetary donations would always be gratefully accepted. You may send donations to:

A Child's Embrace
Orphan Hosting Program
Vancouver, WA 98663

Please make checks out to: A Child's Embrace

If you happen to live near someone who is hosting and have any special services to offer, please let us know. Some families have offered: an afternoon pool party, a trip to the zoo, a picnic, a visit to a pony farm etc.

A Child's Embrace is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Our mission is to support and improve the lives of children in orphanages, foster homes and families around the world.